Music Studio Vs Home Recording Studio
Many of us at some point in our lives dream of becoming a vocalist or a band member. We want to enter the music industry, share our talent and show our passion for music. But the question, most aspiring musicians ask themselves is "where should I start?" The answer is to create your own music... Read More
7 Tips to a Successful Independent CD Release
Starting a music project, like recording a CD, can involve many variables and it is essential for artists to keep certain things in mind when embarking on a task like this. Here are 7 tips that can help an independent artist to have a successful release. Tip 1: Before you do anything, start social networking!... Read More
Timeless Jingles from Famous Songs
What would television shows and live sports events be without those 20-second clips from songs that have secured their place in history? You know exactly what we mean by this. Certain songs’ mood, lyrics or verse fit specific moments that occur in the lifetime of any given live event or television show. How many scenes... Read More
Glam Metal Bands That Stood The Test of Time
Glam metal, which is another way to say "hair metal", is a style of music that originated in the late 70's, fermented until the mid 80's, and was widely popular until the mid 90's. It is amazing that the some heavy metal and rock bands have earned their immortality in the world of casinos, by... Read More
The Slow but Sure Rise of EDM
Enter EDM EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music. This acronym represents and all-encompassing word for dozens of musical styles, ranging from house to drum and bass to minimal techno. In recent years however, EDM has become synonymous with a variant of dance music that fills stadiums and clubs with revellers who are there for the... Read More
Music Knowledge Apps
Keeping your brain entertained is as important as keeping your body fit. Nowadays, the world strives for better body, more acceptable look and they achieve it by eating healthy, avoiding mineral drinks, exercising, getting regular sleep and so on, and the same can be done with the brain. With the technology going further every day,... Read More
4 Bizarrely Specific Music Genres
What happens when it becomes harder and harder to be original in the music genre of your choice? Usually, the musicians either quit their careers or go to extremes in the effort to create a music genre that hasn’t been heard before. Some of it might sound extreme, some ridiculous, some might even remind you... Read More
Balkan Gypsy Music Goes Global
Even though the term 'gypsy' is a misnomer and does not represent the culture, identity and language of the Romani people (not related to the country Romania), it is widely used to refer precisely to them. The Romani who live in many countries across Europe, but mostly in the Balkans, draw their origins from the... Read More
Underworld Live Do it Again
Underworld Techno Pioneers Underworld are one of the pioneers of techno and electronic music in the United Kingdom and around the world. The group was formed in the early 1980s by Rick Smith and Karl Hyde. In their synth-pop days the band included several other members, but in their most memorable shape, underworld went on... Read More
Some of Reggae’s Most Famous Musicians
Bob Marley Bob Marley is the most famous reggae musician and gave the genre the fame that propelled it to the global audiences. He and his band, The Wailers, recorded the best selling reggae album of all times, and Marley himself is part of the group of the world's best-selling musicians, having sold more than... Read More