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Keeping your brain entertained is as important as keeping your body fit. Nowadays, the world strives for better body, more acceptable look and they achieve it by eating healthy, avoiding mineral drinks, exercising, getting regular sleep and so on, and the same can be done with the brain. Checking out the games at is one fun way to do it, and there is also another one that we suggest.

With the technology going further every day, you can basically exercise your brain everywhere you go. Testing is one of the more entertaining ways to do so, and with this kind of brain exercise, you can actually learn a lot.

There are many different types of tests on the internet, but this time we decided to go with the Music gender, as it is probably the one that covers basically every person on the planet. With everyone having different tastes in music, and it is hard to satisfy everyone’s needs, we have narrowed a list of several games that will test your music knowledge. Check them out!


Mr. Quizter

A rather addictive, with a quite catchy name and one of the two games that can be found under the category of games in the store. Mr Quizter offers a nice variety of music types, and it basically includes questions from a vast variety of themes. You might be surprised by the questions, but play this game for a bit longer and your music knowledge will get extraordinary.

The game offers an interesting option where you can create your own quizzes and upload the questions and answers in the database of the game so that other players from all around the world can guess them.


Guess the Song

A simple, pretty straightforward game with a self-explanatory topic. You need to listen to the song and guess it as fast as you can in order to receive as many points as possible. With Guess the Song, you can actually play with your friends by comparing your scores, of you can challenge them to a one on one duel where you listen to the same songs and compete with who has faster fingers and larger musical knowledge.


Band Logo Quiz

If you are in love with the alternative way of living and you prefer to follow that kind of lifestyle, this is your application. Test your music knowledge by guessing the band names and connecting to the pictures that are offered on the screen. This game is free to play and has a fantastic rating on the apps store.


Music Theory Helper

Basically, an application that talks about music theory, where you neglect the bands, songs, and types of music like all the previous applications, and you need to guess the scales, the tones, and everything related to music. Notes will fly around your screen and you need to guess them, or put the correct sound for the note. Listening skills and creativity is what you will need to achieve a good score in this game.

4 Bizarrely Specific Music Genres

What happens when it becomes harder and harder to be original in the music genre of your choice? Usually, the musicians either quit their careers or go to extremes in the effort to create a music genre that hasn’t been heard before. Some of it might sound extreme, some ridiculous, some might even remind you of some Secret Slots games, but you must give it to the musicians for trying to create something new. Without further ado, our list of 4 Bizarrely Specific Music Genres that we’ve found for you.


If you consider yourself a music aficionado, then lowercase won’t be your cup of tea. This is because it’s mainly silence interrupted by occasional whispers and microsounds… but mainly silence. It was coined by minimal artist Steve Roden as a radical form of ambient sound art. Lowercase artists try to reveal an auditory experience that was once inaccessible to the human ear. What’s interesting about this genre is that you can hear records of plants, underground ant colonies and even bacteria being flash-frozen in a Petri dish.


It all started as a joke when a track by Shimon and Andy C was titled “clownstep” because it sounded like “dance music for deranged clowns”. Clownstep was an unexpected turn in the dubstep scene and producers started proudly labelling their work with the term, leading to a surge in the highly unnerving nightmare fuel.

Unblack Metal

Unlike the Satan-loving, evil worshipping black metal bands of Norway, these guys promote the word of God through their incomprehensible growls. Their lyrics tend to be interlaced with stories of conversion, salvation, proclamations of Jesus and Bible quotes. Quite the opposite of the Lucifer-loving metalheads like Venom, Bathory, Mercyful Fate, Hellhammer and Celtic Frost.

One of the most famous band within the genre is the Australian band “Horde”. When you hear some of their songs like “My Heart Doth Beseech Thee (O Master)” and “Silence the Blasphemous Chanting”, you cannot think to yourself that there is something about this genre that seems even more disturbing than the original black metal Devil-worshippers themselves.

Danger Music

Danger music is based on the idea that some music can be harmful to both the listener and performer. An experimental form of 20th and 21st century avant-garde music, the unadulterated noise is definitely not for those who are not into this sort of music. Due to this, performances were almost always cancelled before they can be performed.

Audiences attending danger music shows need to sign a waiver to prevent the band or venue being sued due to their use of things like bulldozers driving through the stage, sounds so loud they deafen the audience and throwing antipersonnel bombs into the crowd. Although, sometimes this danger is metaphorical. For example, composer Takehisa Kogusi directs a performer to gouge out their eyes five years from now, and another artist, Nam June Paik, directs a performer to “creep into the vagina of a living whale”.

Balkan Gypsy Music Goes Global

Even though the term ‘gypsy’ is a misnomer and does not represent the culture, identity and language of the Romani people (not related to the country Romania), it is widely used to refer precisely to them. The Romani who live in many countries across Europe, but mostly in the Balkans, draw their origins from the area between Northern India and Pakistan. In their migration to Europe they have picked up various influences that come across in their music. When they reached the Balkans the musical influence in the peninsula intertwined with theirs, giving birth to a variety of musical styles that are nurtured by the Romani people in Turkey, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia. The Romani have many musical virtuosos that have been virtually unknown to the world, but the advent of the Internet spread their musical gems far and wide.

The musical styles that are preferred by Romani musicians are a combination of Middle Eastern and Balkan musical sentences which are played on traditional instruments such as kemane, oud, zurla, duduk, duf, kanunm and modern instruments such as the saxophone, the tuba, the guitar , clarinet, accordion and others. To spice things up, contemporary Romani musicians have begun using synthesizers and rhitm machines. The various recipes have resulted in musical masterpieces that contain jazz and blues alongside the traditional and modern rendition of old and new melodies and scales.

We will name-drop some Roma musicians who are unknown to most music aficionados around the world.

Stevo Teodosievski and Esma Redzepova

Although Stevo is not a Rom, he married Esma who became known as the Roma Queen. They both adopted dozens of Roma children and gave them musical training, but besides their magnanimous nature, they were an excellent instrumentalist and vocalist, respectively. Sadly, it was Borat who infamously and inadvertently propelled Esma to the global audiences. Sacha Baron-Cohen used her music without permission in the film Borat, which resulted in Esma claiming royalties, but she did not win the case. At any rate, her music became known and appreciated around the world to millions of people as compared to before when she was known to a niche audience.

Ferus Mustafov

Ferus was born in Shtip, Republic of Macedonia to a saxophonist father. Ferus exceeded his father’s musical virtue and became master of his instrument. He also plays the clarinet just as equally well, but the saxophone looks like it belongs in his embrace. Ferus has played all around the world, but mostly at Roma and Balkan events. He is yet to be noticed by a global event promoter who can take the best out of Ferus and present it to those who are thirsty for fresh music. Ferus often performs in concert with accordionist Milan Zavkov who accompanies the saxophonist with lively arpeggios and scale slides.

Shaban Bajramovich

The late Mr. Bajramovich was a vocalist and a king in his class. He sang Romani balads filled with jazz and soul motifs, but also knew how to raise a storm with more lively melodies in front of full concert halls throughout the former Yugoslavia and across Europe. He will be remembered for giving the best rendition of Djelem Djelem, which became the Romani anthem. It is a little known fact that Shaban liked to play the dice and perhaps it is too bad that he didn’t live to see the flourishing of online slots and

Robindro Nikolic

Robindro is a clarinetist who comes from Belgrade but lives in Barcelona where he was one of the founding members of the Barcelona Gypsy Klezmer Orchestra. Robindro has played with and learned from Ferus on his musical sabbatical in Macedonia following which he began pursuing a solo career but also performing in various bands and with other solo musicians.

Underworld Live Do it Again

Underworld Techno Pioneers

Underworld are one of the pioneers of techno and electronic music in the United Kingdom and around the world. The group was formed in the early 1980s by Rick Smith and Karl Hyde. In their synth-pop days the band included several other members, but in their most memorable shape, underworld went on to include Darren Emerson who was a hip hop and house DJ from London who knew the club circuit and understood the sound that was in-demand at that time and helped the group to shape its signature style. In whatever formation Underworld performed, they rocked stadiums and music venues from Buenos Aires to Tokyo and have not stopped delivering top notch music, always contemporary to what goes on in terms of concept, sound and quality. Underworld’s most famous album has to be their first one, even though this is the author’s subjective opinion. Dubnobasswithmyheadman is a strange title for an even stranger album for that time. Techno music reigned in 1994 but Underworld gave it a pop polish while retaining the gritty feel of the illegal subway tunnel and warehouse raves. Their early sets include the raw sound that the band retained until their Oblivion With Bells album. Everything before that featured dark and long techno tracks, slow and tender techno songs, soothing skits and some gimmicky tracks like Bruce Lee that to this day, still make sense and make the fans smile.

Underworld Opus

Their first album was perfectly balanced out with some trip hop songs with a pop feel like ME and the ambient work River of Bass. Subsequent albums and EPs included classic tracks such as REZ, King of Snake, Kittens and Born Slippy which is the signature song of the infamous cult classic Trainspotting. Underworld marked yet another famous film, this time Batman Forever, with their edgy rant-ridden banger Moaner. The album A Hundred Days Off released in 2002 ended Underworld’s techno sound. Their next album, after a five-year hiatus, Oblivion With Bells, took a more somber approach, but somehow still included tracks that could make the crowd move (Beautiful Burnout). Three years later, Barking at the Moon, gave the fans a fresh sense of Underworld, yet still retaining their original style. The tracks included broken beat and rave-inspired, now classics, Always Love a Film and Scribble. In between albums Underworld’s Karl Hyde wrote poetry and collaborated in art projects while feeding the Underworld Live page with fresh blurbs from his encounters with the world. Today, Underworld have accolades that include spinning tracks at the opening of the London Olympics, performing on Jimmy Fallon’s show and having performed hundreds of shows around the world.

End of Career? Not by a Long Shot!

Even though Smith and Hyde are in their 60’s they still produce music and perform live. These guys do not get tired of making awesome music and great texts to complement the notes. Karl Hyde gets his inspiration from everything and that can be heard in his music. On their latest track in which Iggy Pop goes on a five minute rant about the good old times about smoking in airplanes and gambling, Hyde contributes with his singing overtones, but Mr. Iggy Pop does it all in the Underworld style scanning the world for rant lyrics that include smoking, stewardess, gambling, flying, bingo and

Some of Reggae’s Most Famous Musicians

Bob Marley

Bob Marley is the most famous reggae musician and gave the genre the fame that propelled it to the global audiences. He and his band, The Wailers, recorded the best selling reggae album of all times, and Marley himself is part of the group of the world’s best-selling musicians, having sold more than 75 million records. Bob Marley became famous for his lyrics that have political messages about equality, human rights and freedom. Being of African heritage, Marley was deeply connected to his roots and advocated for Pan Africanism and against imperialism. Bob Marley is also one of the most famous advocates for the legalization of Marijuana. His legacy is carried on by his music and the many musicians he influenced all around the world. What is more, Bob Marley is a brand of its own, because his imagery sells anything from clothing apparel to mobile covers to sports shoes, but despite the commercialization of his image his political messages continue to inspire people and his music is often played at parties and on the radio.

Peter Tosh

Being one of Bob Marley’s Wailers, Tosh gathered all the reggae knowledge and went on to become a reggae performer himself. He rode on the popularity of his former band, but also had a strong charisma that captured the attention of the music audience around the world. Being orphaned by his parents, he overcame the difficulties and engaged in music that included ska, rocksteady and reggae. Tosh started his solo career with performing a number of collaborations. He co-wrote the hit song Get Up, Stand Up and made music with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Tosh also advocated legalization of Marijuana, which landed him in trouble. Following a concert in Kingston, he was apprehended by the police and beaten, most likely because he insulted some high ranking Jamaican politicians during a previous performance. He went on an anti-apartheid tour and performed songs like Equal Rights, Fight On, and Apartheid.

Lee Scratch Perry

Scratch Perry is one of the most famous reggae musicians and has pioneered dub music as its own style. He worked at a record and musical equipment store and later at a production studio, and that is where he built his foundations as a musician and producer. Lee Scratch Perry would go on to produce scores of music and collaborations with famous bands and musicians. His Black Ark studio drew the likes of Bob Marley, Junior Byles, the Heptones, Max Romeo and many other reggae, ska and rocksteady musicians and their bands. Perry produced many songs that became famous in their own right, besides producing his own songs and reworks. After moving to the United States and living for a period in the United Kingdom, Perry returned to making music after a hiatus which followed his burning of the Black Ark studio. In 2003 Perry was awarded a Grammy for his album Jamaican E.T. and since then, continued to participate on collaborations with the Beastie Boys, Andrew W.K., Moby, Don Fleming and other instrumentalists and slots players from SlotsWise.


Top 5 Albums Recorded by Steve Albini

It is funny how one of the most important producers for the independent music doesn’t even want to be called ‘a producer’. Instead, he insists on being called ‘a record engineer’. He considers it “an insult to take a royalty from a band just because we recorded their album”. Most people don’t even know his name, but good part of them have probably heard some of his work. Over the past few decades, Steve Albini has overseen the recording of numerous artefacts of independent music. Although Albini has been an outspoken opponent of major labels, he is known to work with almost anyone who requests his services. Without further ado, our list of top 5 albums recorded by Steve Albini.

  • Pixies – Surfer Rosa (1988)

As the record engineer for Pixies’ legendary debut full-length, Albini made their sound louder and screechier than they ever would again. He recorded some of the vocals in a studio bathroom and even kept studio banter in on some of the songs which made the band sound like the biggest, nastiest thing on earth.

  • Big Black – Atomizer (1986)

Influenced by the punk-noise band Naked Raygun, ‘Atomizer’ is the debut album from Albini’s first noteworthy band, Big Black. This album was highly controversial when it came out since it covered such subjects as wife-beating, pyromania and animal slaughter, to name a few. Although he is infamous for making every snare-crack being felt in your ribs, Big Black opted for a drum machine instead, and it seems that ‘Roland’ the drum machine was what made ‘Atomizer’ sound even more brutal.

  • The Jesus Lizard – Goat (1991)

Albini worked with The Jesus Lizard throughout their surprisingly long career. But their second album of the angular-stomp masters is where the band’s drooling, violent attack is at its best. Albini was well aware that their power lay in the combination of David Yow’s wild Neanderthal act and the crushing precision of the rhythm section. That is why he makes sure we feel each and every bass-thud and garbled screech in the pit of our souls.

  • Neurosis – Times of Grace (1999)

The Bay Area sludge-metal titans have worked together with Steve Albini on a number of albums. That is why it is so hard to pick just one of them, since they all seem to have bear the well-known Albini signature. ‘Times of Grace’ is their first collaboration and the chemistry is there from the start. When Neurosis tracks rock out, Albini’s mic techniques are easiest to hear, but when they have a space-out mode, Albini knows how to record without punching us in the gut. This shows that he really knows his job!   

  • Shellac – At Action Park (1994)

Steve Albini’s longest-running project is definitely Shellac (sometimes referred as Shellac of North America). And this should come as no surprise because the group consists of three excellent musicians. With Albini on guitars, Bob Weston on bass and Todd Trainer behind the drum set, you can bet your money that their albums will sound as tight as possible. Of all their releases, ‘At Action Park’ seems to punch the hardest!

If underground music is not your thing, you can always spend your time on a game of bingo or two. You can find excellent welcome offers at


Strange Musical Genres

Believe it or not, there are 1264 musical genres that have been identified by someone called Glenn McDonald. More precisely, these are micro-genres, which means that they stem out of a bigger blanket-genre of music and then they branch off into many styles, quirks and approaches. The sheer number may seem like an exaggeration, and I believe that it is. Should we consider Brazilian Rock as a separate genre of rock music? If it was played and recorded in Brazil doesn’t mean it is a whole new style of music, unless it really is. The query of how many musical genres provides the ground for an article with quipps and double entendres and that’s all ok. But are there really that many subgenres of music? Most definitely not. There are however some really interesting musical niches that have followers around the world. I know of people who like drone music, but I have never met or heard of anyone who has said anything about skweee, except Glenn McDonald, of course.

Let’s cut to the chase and discuss few musical styles that are pretty amusing for what they are and for the sonic pleasures that they deliver.


Drone is a musical genre that all about long tracks made of sound-walls, which are recordings. This is where the definition for drone music stops. Everything else is left to the producer’s imagination. Drone music can be many things, but mostly it is made of long recordings without too many sound channels and oscillations. An example of drone music is a recording of a power generator whose sound has been pitched down and thereby the recording lengthened. Now add some unobtrusive, pads and a recording of car traffic taken from afar, and you can have a pitched-down growl of cars with dropped high frequencies. This music can be quite relaxing actually, but it does require the unwavering attention of the listener or for him or her to be in REM sleep.


Noise is exactly what it is. Unlike drone, noise can be obtrusive, high frequencies abounding, as well as interruptive slashes of… whatever; those can be hits on a huge metal railing or the sound that is produced by dropping a bucket full of glass bottles from the fourth floor of an abandoned tootoo factory. Noise can be a part of track of another genre – if can be inserted as a break or as a bridge to shuffle things around. Strange thing about noise music is that there are shows where bands and producers play it. Noise can be played on analog synthesizers and effect boxes that produce violent stabs on top of sandpaper-like textures of ear-drum destroying hooks. Noise can have its rock version as well – with bands playing “stuff” with extra-distorted guitars.

Elevator Music

And to cool things down, or to bring some sense into this article, for the sake of balance and sanity, we’ll throw the Elevator Music genre in there. Elevator Music is inconspicuous, hence the name, but it has qualities that can win you over – precisely, its unobtrusiveness has an appeal. You can let an Elevator Music playlist unfold in the background and you wouldn’t even know its there, yet, it will fill your auditory spectrum with sound so that you don’t feel like you are all alone. This music can be heard in dentist offices, in elevators, some malls or salons that sell exclusive objects and art. Elevator music can make feel you kind of light-headed so good thing to do is balance it with some noise in your playlist. Elevator music is also heard in the grand casinos of the world, especially those in Vegas, so we know it has its place. If you can’t head to Vegas for an Elevator music party, then simply pick a slot machine from to get a kick out of online slots sounds.

Giorgio Moroder the Legend

Legendary Hitmaker

Giorgio Moroder is one of the legends of pop music. Most people would not be familiar with his name, but Moroder is responsible for producing and composing more music hits than anyone else. His beginnings in the disco era generated so much success that he was titled the “Father of Disco.” After making big waves in that genre, Moroder continued producing pop and rock hits. Today he is still active as a producer, remixer and a DJ, and released the album Deja Vu in 2015.

Moroder rose to subtle fame among people in the music industry in the early 70s when he worked with Donna Summer, among other disco performers of that time. Giorgio, as he is popularly known, produced Summer’s hits Love to Love You Baby, Last Dance, Hot Stuff, No More Tears, On the Radio and I Feel Love. Many electronic music buffs argue that it was Moroder who first set the direction in which disco music will develop – the regular 4 by 4 rhythm and the 16-bar riffs and synthesizer elements, eventually morphing into house and techno.

I Feel Love

I Feel Love by Donna Summer is Giorgio Moroder’s best work, despite the fact that four decades later music production has become much more advanced in terms of concept and the physical values of the sound. What I Feel Love did for the future of music was bold innovation. The entire song’s four by four beat goes on while the oscillating synthesizer effect and Summer’s vocal fill the space with frequencies. The break midway brought a psychedelic tinge and creativity in the way in which sound can be panned to create a masterful stereo effect.

But Moroder’s innovation did not stop there. The extended version of I Feel Love was the first song designed with mixing in mind. Decades later, dancefloor-friendly tracks were all made to work for the decks. Even shorter songs were given some additional loops on the beat to allow DJs to mix in and out of songs, as well as layer or combine the elements of two or even three songs into one.

Today Moroder has clocked in hits with pop artists like Sia, Maroon5, Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, Coldplay and a long list of other bands and solo artists. He has also collaborated on Daft Punk’s 2015 album Random Access Memories.


Moroder has received many awards. He has received Academy Awards for his contribution to the musical scores of the movies Midnight Express, Flashdance and Top Gun. He has also won four Grammy Awards, four Golden Globes and he has received a medal of accomplishment from the Italian government.

Moroder’s work is interesting to delve into by any kind of music enthusiast because there is a lot that can be learned, especially for pop, pop-rock and electronic music producers. The music industry is very diverse today and even slots machines such as those at have innovative musical scores that sound like someone has put real effort and heart into it.

Indie Record Labels You Should Know

There are certain indie record labels you should know because they’ve been making an impact in the music world for decades. With the traditional media, TV and radio, being reserved for major label clients, the Internet acts as a platform where indie labels can compete on a large scale. Aside from record labels, the Internet has also become a platform for many new slots sites who are trying to compete with well-established large companies. One such site is Secret Slots which can be found at

Nowadays, indie record labels account for over 30% of the overall record sales, with some indie labels standing out among the rest. Our list of indie record labels you should know is as follows:

4 AD

Established in 1979, the genre focus of 4 AD is mainly underground American rock, electronic, and indie pop music.

4AD is a British indie record label that was started in 1979. Its initial intention was to serve as a testing ground for its parent company Beggars Banque Records. The idea of Ivo Watts-Russell and Peter Kent was that all new acts would spend at least one year with 4AD, and if they managed to achieve a certain level of success, they would then be transferred to Beggars Banquet.

In the mid-’80s the focus of the label was mostly on underground American rock acts. These acts would include such bands as Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins and The Pixies.


Established in 1989, the genre focus of Matador Records is Indie Rock.

In 1989, Chris Lombardi started Matador Records in his New York City apartment and the rest is history. Since then, the label has two operating locations: one in NY (not in Lombardi’s apartment) and a second in London. With its focus mainly on indie rock bands and artists, Matador has represented a decent amount of the genres biggest names. The label current acts include Cat Power, Fucked Up, Interpol, Pavement, Sonic Youth, and Yo La Tengo.


Established in 1986, the genre focus of SUB POP is on Grunge, Indie, and Hip-Hop.

What was originally started as a fanzine called Subterranean Pop in 1986 has evolved into one of the most recognizable and iconic indie record labels in U.S. history. The original intention of the fanzine was to focus exclusively on stories about American indie record labels. By the fourth issue, its founder had shortened the name to Sub Pop and started including compilation tapes of underground rock bands.

In the late ’80s, after signing a series of Seattle-based bands like Soundgarden, Nirvana, and Mudhoney, the label got its first taste of the business. SUB POP released Soundgarden’s first single which was a split record titled “Hunted Down” / “Nothing to Say,” in 1987, as well as their debut EP the same year. This was followed by the release of Nirvana’s debut single, “Love Buzz,” in 1988. It was because of their early work with these bands that Sub Pop was hailed for helping to popularize grunge music at the time.


The 3 Essential Grunge Albums

Our list of The 3 Essential Grunge albums will tell you all you need to know about the albums that have influenced a generation. Grunge is one of those musical styles that you either love it or hate it. Regardless of which one applies to you, you have to give credit to it. Without grunge, we’d probably still be neck-deep in hairspray and makeup bands singing about fast cars and easy women. Three particular bands that could easily be named the Holy Trinity of Grunge helped bring about the change in popular music.

If you haven’t heard of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, you have probably lived on another planet or under a rock. This trio, along with other bands, decided to go against the popular music of the time and had great success. It was a successful risk-taking because they have succeeded in becoming worldwide famous rock stars and influenced an entire generation of young people.

Some of them may even get immortalised in online slots, just like Jimi Hendrix, Guns N’ Roses and Motorhead. If you want to see these slots, you can find them at And now, without further ado, The 3 Essential Grunge Albums:

Nirvana – Nevermind (1991)

If you want to know which record is most synonymous with grunge, the most common answer you’ll get will probably be Nirvana’s Nevermind. This is due to the fact that the record contains a remarkable set of songs that appealed to fans of punk, metal, and even pop. Nevermind is also the album that includes Smells Like Teen Spirit which can easily be considered the official grunge anthem. The album also contains such hits as Come As You Are, Lithium, and In Bloom. Also, who could forget the iconic album cover of a baby chasing a fishing hook underwater with a dollar as a bait.

Pearl Jam – Ten (1991)

Pearl Jam’s debut album is also their most commercial and most successful album. After the death of Mother Love Bone’s singer, guitarist Stone Gossard and bassist Jeff Ament put together Pearl Jam. They were joined by Eddie Vedder on vocals, and the rest is history. Born out of tragedy, Pearl Jam’s Ten included such landmark songs as Alive, Even Flow, Jeremy etc. An interesting fact about this album is that its best song, Black, was never issued as a single.

Soundgarden – Badmotorfinger (1991)

Along with The Melvins, Soundgarden was one of the first Seattle bands whose speciality were the slow, murky riffs. This in combination with Chris Cornell’s excellent voice and talent for lyrics resulted in one of the biggest names in the genre. By the time their third album appeared, 1991’s Badmotorfinger, the band had transformed into an adventurous outfit. With prog-like structures and even saxophone on several songs, the album was propelled up the charts. Who could forget such songs as Outshined, Rusty Cage, and Jesus Christ Pose. Soundgarden as a band was seven years old by 1991, but it wasn’t until Badmotorfinger that it all came together for them.