7 Tips to a Successful Independent CD Release

Starting a music project, like recording a CD, can involve many variables and it is essential for artists to keep certain things in mind when embarking on a task like this. Here are 7 tips that can help an independent artist to have a successful release.

Tip 1: Before you do anything, start social networking!

The key to social networking is to join what you can handle. Pick the ones you find most important and easiest for you to use and stick to those. Not biting off more than you can chew is the best way to effectively manage your online social community. There are tons of ways to keep fans engaged during the recording process. Studio session video or photos give your fans insight into the artist process and they will appreciate that. Releasing snippets of the songs you are working on is another great way to get feedback from fans and build excitement for the project. Take advantage of interviews and blogs as opportunities to grow your community and increase exposure.

Tip 2: Never skimp on recording quality

Trying to be cheap, with a bad sounding CD, will not get you anywhere. Listen around and compare the CD quality of different studios and then decide what the most effective and affordable option is for you. Once you have decided on a studio, it is important not to rush the creative process. More time in the studio can also help eliminate mistakes that might not have been picked up had you been rushed. Spending more time in the studio usually yields a better product. Plan this step wisely.

Tip 3: Get in, where you fit in

Find cooperative opportunities with other artists and bands who you have something in common with. You could possibly team up with them to negotiate better rates on expenses like studio time and design services as well as CD manufacturing. Some good ways of meeting artists similar to yourself are online postings, local performances or just asking your studio engineer.

Tip 4: Perform while you record

Start performing while you are recording new music because it creates more opportunities and exposure for a project before it is released. The reaction of your fans and the reception of your track is a good barometer for your release. It also still allows you the flexibility to make changes based on the reaction of fans.

Tip 5: Make a game plan and stick to it

Start with a game plan and set a timeline for your project. Have a realistic schedule for recording and promotion and try to stick to it. Consult with professionals as to how to go about this and get a worthy estimate on time management and what needs to be completed.

Tip 6: Use your online tool kit

Take advantage of online tools to get your project started if finances are a problem. This website allows artists as well as other creative people to get funding for their projects by pledges of money. This makes it easy for artists to get their projects going sooner.

Tip 7: Have a Heart

An artist should always try to promote what makes them unique. Standing with a charity is a great way of doing this. By attaching your persona or project to a charity, you could generate an enormous amount of P.R. Set up promotions with the charity that fits your style and genre of music as this will allow you to reach a larger market. Be sure to contact the charity to ensure that whatever is arranged, fits within their guidelines.