Best Music Games of All Time

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As a great industry on its own, music found its way everywhere and it plays a big part in the life of each individual around the world. Music feeds one of the five senses that we have, and it may decide the overall look and way of life, dressing and attitude of a person.

Music found its way to the homes around the world in many different ways. Through music players evolving from a record to the CD and USB, available online and playable on our mobile telephones, there is one interesting way that music also managed to get in – video game consoles. Starting from the very beginning with the rhythm games moving forwards with music making up to some of the best music games that are available and on the top of the music games now, we present you a list of the best music video games of all time.

Simon – The oldest game that we put on the list is 1978 used four buttons, (Red Green Blue and Yellow) in combination with three simple variations of its gameplay. It was simple lights and tone game that you needed to hit with a simple poke. The main inspiration was the child’s game “Simon Says” and it was created by Ralph Baer – the same guy that created the 1st commercial home console, the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972.


PaRappa the Rapper – a revolutionary game in the music gender, delivered by Masaya Matsuura in 1997. As a person with previous experience in bands and real-life experiences, it implemented the music knowledge and a number of hit records in its game development studios and especially in the game. It brought the music video games as a gender to the American continent from Asia, which showed a great potential and interest in the gender, eventually creating many rivals like Unison and similar brands.


Dance Dance Revolution – just before the hit of the new millennium, in 1999, Dance Dance Revolution made a boom on the music gender as well as on the gaming industry overall. This arcade game uses its own controller placed on the ground that you need to step, jump and twist to it while the commands are appearing on the screen. After more than a decade, you can still find it all over the world.


Guitar Hero ­– Definitely a game that can be put at the top of the list of music video games. It has sold over 250 million units worldwide and made a huge $2 billion dollars. Dedicating its sound to a harder music like Metallica and Aerosmith, it left the mark of a game that is here to stay. It has many interesting options that made players want to play it – Band Hero allows you to share the screen with your friends and together with them reach the top of the world while playing on customized controllers such as the guitar controller or the plug—in drums.


It is sad to say that the music gender industry lacks new innovative games as Guitar Hero is still their top sold game, and if an industry that is moving forwards with the speed of light it is surprising how a game made in 2005 still holds the No.1 position.