Best Music in Video Games

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There is something powerful in the music of the Beatles, Aerosmith and many other bands, and they’ve gotten far to the level of having their own video game! Whether it’s the popularity of the bands or the gameplay of the games, either way, they managed to find their way into the hands of the players and entertain them. Nowadays, more and more games are produced, and music bands are often a theme of them, therefore we have made a list of the top games that we think you should try, depending on the music that you listen to and the style of gaming that suits you the best. Check them out.
• Kiss: Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child – Since the early 70’s Kiss have been known for their awesome music and lifestyle, and many people still follow and preach that trend even these days. It was just at the right time of mass game production that they received a reward in the gaming world for their work. Released in 2000 by Dreamcast, the Kiss: Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child is available for Microsoft PC.

• Revolution X – A Game dedicated to Aerosmith, with a strange storyline that received a lot of interest in the years after its release in 1994. This arcade shooter game was nothing special, but due to the popularity of Aerosmith and the releasing of “Get a Grip” album just a year before the game, it made a huge boom and boosted the game.

• The Beatles: Rock Band – According to many people they are the greatest band that played in modern popular music history, and in 2009 they received a game dedicated to them. It is available on PS4 and Xbox consoles where you need to tap the right button and play along with the music legends, just like the Guitar Hero game.

• Britney’s Dance Beat – A dancing game dedicated to Britney Spears which was released in 2002 and was available on Game Boy Advance, PC and Play Station 2 which were revolutionary at that time. Dance along with Britney Spears and her crew while she was in her best years.

• Brutal Legend – A Play Station 3 game where Jack Black is the main hero, and through the sound of metal he advances through the levels and destroys everything in his path. There are brutal car races, vengeful axe battles, bear ridings and boss fighting all in the name of Metal. Jack’s companion, his guitar, has an electrical power whereby playing the right notes it sends a bolt of lightning towards the demons. If you are a Metal fan, this game is for you!

• Moonwalker – A game dedicated to Michael Jackson and his legendary move Moonwalk was a hit in 1990. It as playable on Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Astari ST and other similar platforms at that time. This might be one of the most popular game on the list side to side with Beatles: Rock Band which proves that the ones that were the most followed by their music are the ones which games were most played

While these are our personal picks, there are more incredible video game soundtracks around. Sometimes video games aren’t just about the gameplay itself, but the likes of music as well.

Don’t just take our word for it though, try out some of the games mentioned above. We’re sure you’ll love them and your ears will too!