Giorgio Moroder the Legend

Legendary Hitmaker

Giorgio Moroder is one of the legends of pop music. Most people would not be familiar with his name, but Moroder is responsible for producing and composing more music hits than anyone else. His beginnings in the disco era generated so much success that he was titled the “Father of Disco.” After making big waves in that genre, Moroder continued producing pop and rock hits. Today he is still active as a producer, remixer and a DJ, and released the album Deja Vu in 2015.

Moroder rose to subtle fame among people in the music industry in the early 70s when he worked with Donna Summer, among other disco performers of that time. Giorgio, as he is popularly known, produced Summer’s hits Love to Love You Baby, Last Dance, Hot Stuff, No More Tears, On the Radio and I Feel Love. Many electronic music buffs argue that it was Moroder who first set the direction in which disco music will develop – the regular 4 by 4 rhythm and the 16-bar riffs and synthesizer elements, eventually morphing into house and techno.

I Feel Love

I Feel Love by Donna Summer is Giorgio Moroder’s best work, despite the fact that four decades later music production has become much more advanced in terms of concept and the physical values of the sound. What I Feel Love did for the future of music was bold innovation. The entire song’s four by four beat goes on while the oscillating synthesizer effect and Summer’s vocal fill the space with frequencies. The break midway brought a psychedelic tinge and creativity in the way in which sound can be panned to create a masterful stereo effect.

But Moroder’s innovation did not stop there. The extended version of I Feel Love was the first song designed with mixing in mind. Decades later, dancefloor-friendly tracks were all made to work for the decks. Even shorter songs were given some additional loops on the beat to allow DJs to mix in and out of songs, as well as layer or combine the elements of two or even three songs into one.

Today Moroder has clocked in hits with pop artists like Sia, Maroon5, Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, Coldplay and a long list of other bands and solo artists. He has also collaborated on Daft Punk’s 2015 album Random Access Memories.


Moroder has received many awards. He has received Academy Awards for his contribution to the musical scores of the movies Midnight Express, Flashdance and Top Gun. He has also won four Grammy Awards, four Golden Globes and he has received a medal of accomplishment from the Italian government.

Moroder’s work is interesting to delve into by any kind of music enthusiast because there is a lot that can be learned, especially for pop, pop-rock and electronic music producers. The music industry is very diverse today and have innovative musical scores that sound like someone has put real effort and heart into it.