Glam Metal Bands That Stood The Test of Time

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Glam metal, which is another way to say “hair metal”, is a style of music that originated in the late 70’s, fermented until the mid 80’s, and was widely popular until the mid 90’s. It is amazing that the some heavy metal and rock bands have earned their immortality in the world of casinos, by having their own slots games. Some of the rock and roll. Each of the bands’ members fashioned themselves into flamboyant costumes, face makeup, wild hairdos and lots of shiny accessories.

The term glam metal comes from the UK where in the late 70’s certain bands began to add glamour to their image which was toned with the music they played. Hair metal became over-the-top glam rock both in terms of the music and the looks. There is a number of┬ábands that are synonymous with that era and we will highlight few of these.

Motley Crue

This heavy metal band became widely popular in the United States and around the world. The band was catapulted to fame after their music was played on MTV. They caught the attention of Ozzy Osbourne and opened for his band on their tour throughout 1984. The ‘glam’ in their performance consisted of high-heeled boots, colorful clothing and makeup and facial and body accessories. Motley Crue’s musical style and performance landed them multiple awards and recognitions. They have sold millions of copies of their records as well as a fortune of concert tickets and band merchandise.At the same time, they have lived the rock and roll lifestyle that has landed them in so much trouble, but they managed to survive.


Another rock band that seized the glam metal era is Poison. The band is still active and tours sold-out concerts around the world. They were founded in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania but built their fame in Los Angeles, where for a long time they struggled until they finally started making money. Their first album Look What The Cat Dragged In was never expected to make any serious earnings, yet, it sold 4 million copies around the world, while the second album sold 8 million . They still perform today, which is very surprising for a band of this style which has been around since 1983 and which as changed many of its band members.

Bon Jovi

This band is not first associated with glam lack, but being so versatile in their styles of performing, they do have a period where they sounded like glam rock and metal, with distinctly pop overtones. Their first several albums were characterized as glam metal and hard rock. Bon Jovi is the musical genius behind his namesake band. He has been playing musical instruments since childhood and continued to play in the bands that he himself formed. His talent was noticed by known bands at the time, so he was able to open for a number of bands in New Jersey, where Bon Jovi was established. Behind the Bon Jovi name are 13 studio albums and many additional releases such as live albums and compilations of their hits. What made this band so popular was that its members gave themselves the chance to use their potential to the maximum. Longevity played a crucial role, and that was only possible because they did not live the glam lifestyle like other contemporary bands in that industry. It is amazing that Bon Jovi remained in their original lineup and experienced very few band-member swaps. The have sold more than 100 million copies of their records and have toured the world over, and are still rocking to this day.