Music Knowledge Apps

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Keeping your brain entertained is as important as keeping your body fit. Nowadays, the world strives for better body, more acceptable look and they achieve it by eating healthy, avoiding mineral drinks, exercising, getting regular sleep and so on, and the same can be done with the brain.

With the technology going further every day, you can basically exercise your brain everywhere you go. Testing is one of the more entertaining ways to do so, and with this kind of brain exercise, you can actually learn a lot.

There are many different types of tests on the internet, but this time we decided to go with the Music gender, as it is probably the one that covers basically every person on the planet. With everyone having different tastes in music, and it is hard to satisfy everyone’s needs, we have narrowed a list of several games that will test your music knowledge. Check them out!


Mr. Quizter

A rather addictive, with a quite catchy name and one of the two games that can be found under the category of games in the store. Mr Quizter offers a nice variety of music types, and it basically includes questions from a vast variety of themes. You might be surprised by the questions, but play this game for a bit longer and your music knowledge will get extraordinary.

The game offers an interesting option where you can create your own quizzes and upload the questions and answers in the database of the game so that other players from all around the world can guess them.


Guess the Song

A simple, pretty straightforward game with a self-explanatory topic. You need to listen to the song and guess it as fast as you can in order to receive as many points as possible. With Guess the Song, you can actually play with your friends by comparing your scores, of you can challenge them to a one on one duel where you listen to the same songs and compete with who has faster fingers and larger musical knowledge.


Band Logo Quiz

If you are in love with the alternative way of living and you prefer to follow that kind of lifestyle, this is your application. Test your music knowledge by guessing the band names and connecting to the pictures that are offered on the screen. This game is free to play and has a fantastic rating on the apps store.


Music Theory Helper

Basically, an application that talks about music theory, where you neglect the bands, songs, and types of music like all the previous applications, and you need to guess the scales, the tones, and everything related to music. Notes will fly around your screen and you need to guess them, or put the correct sound for the note. Listening skills and creativity is what you will need to achieve a good score in this game.