Music Labels to Watch in 2019

Since the beginning of time, music has been one of the critical things in the lives of many people. Currently, there are a lot of music labels that work around the clock to create the best music. Here is a list of the music labels to watch in 2019?

Frozen Reeds

This music label has been established in Helsinki. One of the most important pieces that they released is a live recording from 1974, Joy Boy from the musical mastermind Julius Eastman. However, what stands out, even more, is that they released a vast 16-CD box set from Roland Kayn. The name of this boxset is A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound. This collection lasts around 14 hours, so you should prepare yourself before you listen to it.

Peach Discs

Shanti Celeste has brought many undiscovered artists to this world, and she continues her quest for new talent under the Peach Discs music label. Some of the most influential artists that came out of this label are Bristol Duo Fred, Toronto’s Ciel and Chekov. Their music is placed in the emotive house and wonky techno music. We are looking forward to seeing what Celeste has to offer in the following years.

Fractal Fantasy

Fractal Fantasy was established from two talented musical geniuses, Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones. Since their launching in 2015, they have made music collaborations with some of the most popular names in the music industry. Those include Murlo, L-Vis 1990, Rashad & Spinn, v1984 and DJ Sliink. Over the years Fractal Fantasy proved the importance of quality over quantity in the music world.

Important Records

Since its establishment, Important Records proved to be exactly that – a very important Music label. Some of the artists that perform under this label are Eleh, Caterina Barbieri, Merzbow, Alessandro Cortini, Nine Inch Nails, Growing and others.


Hemlock is the next on our Music Labels to Watch in 2019 list. This music brand was established in the later years of the 00’s and the focus is mostly on UK dance music. Some of the artists that perform under this label are Pangea, James Blake, Blawan, Pariah and others. However, over the years, some of the upcoming artists have been the most influential. Those are the Timedance and the Livity Sound.

Objects Limited

This music label was established just recently in 2017. Objects Limited also have contributed a lot to many organizations, including Albert Kennedy Trust and Black Lives Matter. Slowly but steadily, Objects Limited have proven to have what it takes to stay relevant in the music industry.