Music Studio Vs Home Recording Studio

Many of us at some point in our lives dream of becoming a vocalist or a band member. We want to enter the music industry, share our talent and show our passion for music. But the question, most aspiring musicians ask themselves is “where should I start?” The answer is to create your own music or sample of your composition. This usually takes time because you need to practice so you can present your own music with great beats and wonderful lyrics. Now, how can you possibly practice and perfect your music? Of course, you need to practice in a music studio or have your very own home recording studio.

But first, how could you have your own home recording studio? In the past, only well-off music aspirants can afford their very own recording studio and that is because of the high tech equipment needed to create music. Well, they can opt to go to a music studio, use their equipment and pay hourly charges or monthly membership fees. Some music studios charge you high hourly rates which are sometimes impractical especially if you have no enough budget for such fees.

Below are some of the important instruments and equipment so you can find and use in a music studio.


– The very first thing a singer/composer should have during a recording session


– It is not just a musical instrument but it is also needed in creating the rhythms in your songs which is much easier than other instruments.

Mixing Console

– Also referred to as audio mixer, this is where you will adjust timbre and level of sounds in your songs.

Studio Monitors

– These are loudspeakers used for the audio production.

Multitrack Recorder

– This is a recording gadget that could actually record a multiple source of sound which in the end could create a whole track.

Digital Audio workstation

– This is where all the electronic gadgets are being controlled and adjusted


– An added feature that can make an additional spectacle in your recording.

These are only some of the equipment you’ll surely found on a recording studio but with the continual advancement of technology, you can have your own recording studio at home with less equipment needed. There are four basic types of equipment you can buy to set up your own home recording studio.


– Basic equipment which can now be bought at a low price but with the same great quality.

Audio Interface

– You could consider it as a sound card on your computer and the good thing is there are some interfaces where you could connect your playing instrument like keyboard and guitar. The price of this gadget ranges from $150-$250.


– This is considered the heart of your home music studio. The best brand that you could get is MAC computer since it has its own recording software called “GarageBand Built In”


– There are many software available in the market that you could use, some are free and some are not. Choose a home recording software that is easy to use, flexible and can allow you to create different beats.


– Of course, it is best to have your own small space so you can concentrate in creating your own music.

Having your own home music studio is now possible. So, if you’d like to be a great musician someday start practicing now in your own music studio.