Online Streaming – Twitch and YouTube For The Community

There are many people that think Twitch and YouTube game streaming has nothing to do with the constant growth of the gaming community and are sceptic about them. One thing is certain – they are absolutely wrong.

Since both, Twitch and YouTube, are sites where you can promote basically everything and record yourself live, or place videos that are being recorded, it is the best way to promote and market the games that are currently leaders in the industry. As on these channels, we can see everything, from live cooking to how to fix an aeroplane engine, it can reach a large number of people that will eventually want to see some of the gaming movies that are presented there.

If you are on this site, you are probably a gamer, and you have probably watched some of the fantastic games that are playing your game just to see how professionals do it. If you are a true gamer, you have probably played more than 20 games in your life, that means at least 20 videos if you watched one for every, which you didn’t. All the watching hours on Twitch are being recorded, and the more hours a video has, the more it’s being presented and lifted prior to the other videos.

It is expected for many people to be a sceptic when it comes to live streaming and video games, as it is a phenomenon that received its popularity not more than 10 years ago. Before the satisfaction was large when you hear someone speaking some silly, sloppy English and you were playing some game together on Xbox connected to the internet.

Let’s not neglect the fact that Twitch is owned by Amazon, one of the biggest online selling and distribution platforms. They are most profitable during their sale season, and that’s practically throughout the whole year. This means that Twitch can use the Amazon platform to advertise as much as they want, and reach to people with the same or similar interests with no problem.

This turns down and drowns every thought that the live stream is a bad idea for the gaming community, and does nothing but wrong. YouTube Gaming and Twitch are nothing but a game spreader, and they may be one of the best reasons why gaming, the number of players, the revenue, the games of different, new and modern genders and everything else that is connected to it are only experiencing an uphill performance and the graphs are only rising.

As a true gamer that I am, and I know you guys are, we are contributing for the numbers to grow with every twitch and Gaming YouTube video that we watch. Let’s keep it that way, and the developers will reward us back with better, more challenging games that have fantastic graphics and gameplay.