Top 5 Albums Recorded by Steve Albini
It is funny how one of the most important producers for the independent music doesn’t even want to be called ‘a producer’. Instead, he insists on being called ‘a record engineer’. He considers it “an insult to take a royalty from a band just because we recorded their album”. Most people don’t even know his... Read More
Strange Musical Genres
Believe it or not, there are 1264 musical genres that have been identified by someone called Glenn McDonald. More precisely, these are micro-genres, which means that they stem out of a bigger blanket-genre of music and then they branch off into many styles, quirks and approaches. The sheer number may seem like an exaggeration, and... Read More
Giorgio Moroder the Legend
Legendary Hitmaker Giorgio Moroder is one of the legends of pop music. Most people would not be familiar with his name, but Moroder is responsible for producing and composing more music hits than anyone else. His beginnings in the disco era generated so much success that he was titled the "Father of Disco." After making... Read More
Indie Record Labels You Should Know
There are certain indie record labels you should know because they’ve been making an impact in the music world for decades. With the traditional media, TV and radio, being reserved for major label clients, the Internet acts as a platform where indie labels can compete on a large scale. Aside from record labels, the Internet... Read More
The 3 Essential Grunge Albums
Our list of The 3 Essential Grunge albums will tell you all you need to know about the albums that have influenced a generation. Grunge is one of those musical styles that you either love it or hate it. Regardless of which one applies to you, you have to give credit to it. Without grunge,... Read More
Online Streaming – Twitch and YouTube For The Community
There are many people that think Twitch and YouTube game streaming has nothing to do with the constant growth of the gaming community and are sceptic about them. One thing is certain – they are absolutely wrong. Since both, Twitch and YouTube, are sites where you can promote basically everything and record yourself live, or... Read More
Making Indoor Recordings
Making indoor recordings does not have to be a complicated process if you want to produce a quality recording. Neither is this something that requires a massive invesment in music equipment. There are few ways how to go about making the indoor recording that you need for your video channel. I will share couple of... Read More
Importance of Sound and Video Effects in Modern Online Slots
Additional gaming equipment, such as speakers, headphones and microphones has been very important for gamers, especially in the last few years. Some of us remember the days when game music was limited to simple techy tunes, and earlier we did an article on the most renowned Japanese composers who composed video game music and we... Read More
Choosing The Right Gaming Headset
In the gaming world, a nice pair of headphones is a really important for your gaming time. Whether it’s hardcore gaming, playing casually or just competitive among your friends, a fancy new pair of wireless headset can change the way you look at the game. They will enhance your gameplay, give you a better understanding... Read More
Greatest Japanese Video Game Music Composers
Our list of Greatest Japanese Video Game Music Composer will give you the names and work of the people who have made video games more enjoyable. While you may be familiar with the music, you may not know the composers who have created that music. Although many people do not consider video game music as... Read More