Strange Musical Genres

Believe it or not, there are 1264 musical genres that have been identified by someone called Glenn McDonald. More precisely, these are micro-genres, which means that they stem out of a bigger blanket-genre of music and then they branch off into many styles, quirks and approaches. The sheer number may seem like an exaggeration, and I believe that it is. Should we consider Brazilian Rock as a separate genre of rock music? If it was played and recorded in Brazil doesn’t mean it is a whole new style of music, unless it really is. The query of how many musical genres provides the ground for an article with quipps and double entendres and that’s all ok. But are there really that many subgenres of music? Most definitely not. There are however some really interesting musical niches that have followers around the world. I know of people who like drone music, but I have never met or heard of anyone who has said anything about skweee, except Glenn McDonald, of course.

Let’s cut to the chase and discuss few musical styles that are pretty amusing for what they are and for the sonic pleasures that they deliver.


Drone is a musical genre that all about long tracks made of sound-walls, which are recordings. This is where the definition for drone music stops. Everything else is left to the producer’s imagination. Drone music can be many things, but mostly it is made of long recordings without too many sound channels and oscillations. An example of drone music is a recording of a power generator whose sound has been pitched down and thereby the recording lengthened. Now add some unobtrusive, pads and a recording of car traffic taken from afar, and you can have a pitched-down growl of cars with dropped high frequencies. This music can be quite relaxing actually, but it does require the unwavering attention of the listener or for him or her to be in REM sleep.


Noise is exactly what it is. Unlike drone, noise can be obtrusive, high frequencies abounding, as well as interruptive slashes of… whatever; those can be hits on a huge metal railing or the sound that is produced by dropping a bucket full of glass bottles from the fourth floor of an abandoned tootoo factory. Noise can be a part of track of another genre – if can be inserted as a break or as a bridge to shuffle things around. Strange thing about noise music is that there are shows where bands and producers play it. Noise can be played on analog synthesizers and effect boxes that produce violent stabs on top of sandpaper-like textures of ear-drum destroying hooks. Noise can have its rock version as well – with bands playing “stuff” with extra-distorted guitars.

Elevator Music

And to cool things down, or to bring some sense into this article, for the sake of balance and sanity, we’ll throw the Elevator Music genre in there. Elevator Music is inconspicuous, hence the name, but it has qualities that can win you over – precisely, its unobtrusiveness has an appeal. You can let an Elevator Music playlist unfold in the background and you wouldn’t even know its there, yet, it will fill your auditory spectrum with sound so that you don’t feel like you are all alone. This music can be heard in dentist offices, in elevators, some malls or salons that sell exclusive objects and art. Elevator music can make feel you kind of light-headed so good thing to do is balance it with some noise in your playlist. Elevator music is also heard in the grand casinos of the world, especially those in Vegas, so we know it has its place. If you can’t head to Vegas for an Elevator music party.