The Best Music Mixing Programs for PC

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Despite the fact that computers with iOS might be focused on business and delivering better applications for producing and mixing music, Windows can also offer hundreds of music programs that possess the same or even better features than Mac programs and can create a quality sound as an end result. Depending on your requirements, sound desires and feature needs, you can choose your favourite one. From the vast pool of great music programs for PC, we have made a list of the best five that we think have what it takes to create the new number one singles on the radios. If you are interested, check them out!


FL Studio

What may be best known as Fruity Loops has now changed its name to FL Studios, and it is quite famous as the best beginner’s program found on the Windows PC Market. It has several varieties, from Stripped-down to make sure you get a better understanding of how these kinds of programs work, to a full Signature Bundle, to give the more experienced users one of the best possible experiences in the world.

Avicii, Afrojacks, BT and many more well-known producers are comfortable and using FL Studios for many years.


Ableton Live

Ableton Live, also known as DAW or Digital Audio Workstation, it offers a great versatility and best user experience. The first glance of the program tells you that it’s made perfectly and offers one of the best user experience from all the programs available on the market. It is used for mixing and producing new music and has built in a wide range of samples as well as synths and sounds.

Mark Knight, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin and Deadmau5 are just a drop of water in the sea of famous performers that are using this programme, and the list is getting larger with each day.



Propellerhead managed to create one of the best music mixing programs in the world. Reason has a simple and navigable UI with tons of plug-ins that will help you make your sound perfect and enjoyable. There are many plug-in instruments that can enlarge the musical workstation and make it even more versatile.

It is designed as an application that will do everything on its own, unlike the other DAW programs that are on this list, and this, together with a really simple interface to use is Reason’s best reasons to use this program for your music production.



This is by far the largest and most popular music production program in the world, which was launched back in 1989. The Audio software and hardware giant Steinberg made the application that most definitely found its way to almost every DJ, music producer or live performer in the world. It offers simple features for starters as well as high-end for producers like Kraftwerk, Pendulum, Justice to deliver world-class music to all of us. The downside of Cubase is that you would need to have a really powerful PC to use it, because of the powerful hardware requirements and vast plug-ins, samples and sounds. Cubase is also famous in Hollywood as the most used movie sound programme.