The Slow but Sure Rise of EDM

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Enter EDM

EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music. This acronym represents and all-encompassing word for dozens of musical styles, ranging from house to drum and bass to minimal techno. In recent years however, EDM has become synonymous with a variant of dance music that fills stadiums and clubs with revellers who are there for the glam. With the accruing of a number of hits that smack of the same, already generic, notes and pattern of progression. EDM music has become all too predictive, but the compound of vocals, heavy kicks and sharply-accentuated bass sounds had entire stadiums raving and that was that was needed for an industry to form around the sound.

This industry has received heavy criticism from seasoned DJs and producers, ranging from Carl Cox to Steve Lawler, people who have toured the globe for more than 20 years and who have curated the various sounds of electronic dance music with gusto. They and many others think that EDM music is an aberration of, ironically, the intrinsically aberrant genres of house and techno. EDM, the critics will agree, follows a strict schablone which devoids the music of the craft and innovation which are the driving undercurrents of the carefully and diligently curated techno and house genres.

Becomes too Popular

But, no matter what some people think, EDM has a face in a number of hitmakers and moneymakers such as the late Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta and others, more or less famous heads. EDM has also developed a cultural theme that appeals to millenials. Some of the hits that have dominated the internet and radio waves in recent years bring about the same type non-conformity as rock and roll music brought in the late 60s.

When it comes to the payout for playing gigs, a certain group DJs and producers have made the biggest earnings. What is common for these is that they all play EDM-heavy sets. Another common thing is that their audiences are not concerned to experience a diverse selection of tracks because most of the sets will ultimately inlcude more than few hits.

Some Top Paid Performers

At any rate, one of the top paid EDM performer is Swedish House Mafia, a trio of producers who departed from their more progressive house and techno roots. Axvell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso are worth a whopping $100 million dollars.

The top paid DJ at the moment is $66 million dollars heavy and makes of which $48.7 million were earned in 2017 alone.

Steve Aoki is one of the more famous and eccentric DJs out there. He has been in the music circuit since his college years but approached the industry as an electro house producer in recent years. Aoki made $35 million in 2017 and along the way, the got to throw cakes in some people’s faces, because this is one of his favorite things to do during his performances.

Some other high earning performers are David Guetta, Martin Garrix, the incognito DJ Marshmello, Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike and so on. It should be said that none of these can deliver a vibe such is delivered by Guns N Roses in their band’s name titled slot.