Top 3 Gaming Speakers

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Let’s make a comparison – Have you ever played a video game without a sound? Something happened to the speakers or you couldn’t turn the volume up because your sibling was sleeping? It used to happen a lot to me when I was a child. I would accidentally rip the cable of the headset or the speaker would fall off the table and break, so I was left without the sound for a while. It was one of my worst gaming experiences, which I definitely wanted to change at that time.

Now, let’s look at the complete opposite way. New speakers are coming out more frequently than before, and they offer a new experience to the game overall. As one of the two senses that are activated while playing a video game, it plays a major role and it brings the game that you play, and gaming overall to a new level, to a new light. The feeling that you get inside when you hear a fantastic and realistic sound of a creature behind your chair will definitely make your skin crawl and give you nightmares for the following week. When I first acquired professional and top gaming speakers, there were some 1st person horror games that I couldn’t play with the sound on. Making a giant leap from almost no sound (and sometimes no sound at all) to professional speaker, my gaming experience changed by a lot. Therefore, I dedicate this article to some of the best speakers available on the market that are specifically recommended for gamers.


Cyber Acoustics Subwoofer Satellite System 

This will definitely hit the number one button for two simple things – Outstanding performance and cheapest price. For less than $50 you can find these speakers together with 3,000 5-star reviews. Solid speakers and subwoofer are what these speakers can offer, but keep in mind that they lack the surround option in them.

This is one of the best speakers for a gamer on a budget, and for the ones out of it as no one would resist such an easy price for a product that could be expected from Speakers worth more than a hundred bucks.

Cyber Acoustic CA-5648 Aluminium Series High-Performance Speaker System

The name sounds astronomical, but that’s how the speakers really are. The Cyber Acoustics CA-5648 offers a very similar sound to the previously mentioned Cyber speakers, plus you have a surround included in here. With four 2.1 speakers, one Subwoofer and one small monitor you will pay around $100, which is definitely my recommendation as the surround plays a major part while playing a video game.

Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System with Subwoofer

If money is not your problem and PC gaming is your passion, the Logitech x-540 speakers are for you. With 5.1 speakers and one giant subwoofer, they will make your ear smile and your body shake from the real sound. The top speaker for its budget of $170 is definitely my top choice and I would recommend it to every gamer.